Tutor Time

This past Tuesday was my last day of tutoring and I am surprised at how much I am going to miss those kids. I will miss being their sounding board when they want to complain about how unfair their teacher is and how overbooked they are and how hard it is to be a privileged teenager living in the capital of the world.

These kids were so ridiculous about 95% of the time. Every week that I would come for their lesson they always acted like it was such a shock that I was there. Every lesson, I would ask what we were going to work on and they would mumble "English essay, or whatever..." and then I would have to sit there for about seven minutes while they searched all over for their backpack. What a waste of time. Everyone should be as organized as I am; which I guess is why I am paid to organize these students.

One of my students was just accepted to a college in the Capital Region and I am so excited for me. I have this dream that we will get together up there and become real life friends; they will seek me out for advice as they go through the urban to suburban adjustments I have and I will mentor them during their first year at college. However, many friends have told me (and I do honestly know) that this is definitely not going to happen. Who wants to hang out with their tutor? It is awkward and weird. I’m still going to dream.

I think the reason I am so excited about this student moving to the Capital Region is because I will know a person who is going through the same thing that I am in roughly the same time period. They are going to get annoyed that there is a lack of real Chinese food like I will, they will learn that farming is no longer a distant concept, but a real industry that is only a few miles away and they will adjust to driving to see their friends rather than hopping on the Q train. We will have these common experiences and it is comforting to know that I will not be going through this “alone.”

Unrelated, but I was thinking about how excited I am to start my life as a dog lady. I plan on devoting a significant portion of my time to loving Evrill unconditionally. It will be a good life.

Also, I decided that it was a good idea to sign up for a triathlon this July. That will be hilarious. What was I thinking? This experience will be a comedy of errors. I faked running 3.5 miles last year but I definitely cannot fake a sprint triathlon; it’s about to get REAL.

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