Granola Yuppie

You guys, I have some incredibly exciting news. I drove from work, to yoga, to home without using my GPS ONCE. I mean, I was second guessing my route the entire time, but I did it. I rule. Is it sad that these are the things that I get excited about?
Probably the most noticeable change that has occurred since I moved here is how much of a granola yuppie I am becoming. My dog goes to doggy day care to ease her separation anxiety, I go to two yoga studios three times a week, I recycle and compost, and I buy 75% of my groceries from the Troy Farmers Market or the Honest Weight Food Co-op. To be fair, when I lived in NYC I recycled and went to yoga, but I feel like it is different now because I have to pay for yoga. I miss the donation based classes at YTTP more than I could have ever guessed. I miss the Tibetan singing bowl, I miss the end of class quotes, and most of all, I miss the fact that I could pay $2 for a yoga class. Now I have to think about reservations, subscriptions, and all this other nonsense – is this growing up is? Because it sucks. But in the words of my dear friend Michael from Padua High School, “Yuppie greed is back, my friend.” (4:21)
Serious Eats recently posted an entry about Nighthawk’s Kitchen’s smashed burgers and it made my day (although I am not that impressed with Nighthawk’s mac and cheese, sorry); partly because Troy needs all the love it can get and mostly because it meant that I had lots of friends asking me about the Troy Farmers’Market. Let me tell you about the gloriousness that is the Troy Farmers’ Market. It is a weekly Saturday extravaganza full of local vendors selling fresh and affordable produce, meats, dairy, and assorted artisanal food. On top of that there are craft stalls and many prepared food kiosks. It is absolutely awesome and is probably the best thing that Troy has going for it. I honestly have never seen a better Farmers’ market in my life. The market runs year round; in the summer the stalls are set up on the street in front of the local stores and in the winter the market shrinks and is moved to the Atrium. It is such a large community event and everyone brings their kids and dogs to stroll up and down the block, to shop, chat, and eat. It is delicious and adorable and everyone should go.

If you ever find yourself at the Troy Farmers’ Market and need some suggestions of where to spend your money, might I suggest these vendors?
  • Buddha Pesto: Use it on bread, in pasta, roasted with vegetables, eat it with a spoon, it is that good.
  • Gatherers Granola: Delicious and surprisingly low fat granola with an adorable woodland creature theme
  • Pika’s Liege Wafels: If you want the REAL deal in Belgian waffles (with pearl sugar), you come here. Bonus! The owner has his children working the booth and they are natural salesmen.
  • Pucker’s Pickles: My favorite are the full sours, but you can sample them all to find your favorite.
  • Thunder Mountain Curry: These guys know how to make a damn good curry.


  1. Farmers markets are the best! Did you know that Madison, WI has the largest (producer-only) farmers market in the country?

    1. I did not but now I am definitely going to have to make a trip out there! Thanks for the tip!